Munich Luxury Hotel chooses Qualitycast from Bavaria ...

ln the course of Redecoration in Munich`s Mandarin Oriental Hotel were to Bronze Boards to be designed, which were later installed next to the main entrance. The Hotelmanagement chose us to be their reliable partner during the process of designing and producing these Bronze Boards for the main entrance.

Since there was no CAD-construction for the Logo and the Scriptboard we started by developing the design, while in close collaboration with an artist and our customer. Following this we milled a foundry pattern. To avoid unnecessary costs for the customer, we limited ourselfs to the visible face of the board when producing this model. The section thickness and the contours for the attachment were already generated during the mould process. A fractional brightening of the Logo and the lettering followed the cast. That was achieved through procedures of accurate grinding and polishing .

It is a pleasure for us to see another one of our cast pieces at a prominent Location in Munich`s metropolitan area.








We cast art ...

In 2010 Johannes Brunner came up to us with a draft of an ultralarge royal crown for the first time. The sculpture was designed to be hung up in a shopping centre and it was supposed to be oft 2,5m in diameter. During many conversations about the producibility of this project we worked out the final version of the design.

That is the version that is now installed in Duisburgs "Royal Gallery" by the artists Johannes Brunner and Raimund Ritz. During the first half of 2011 we were able to contribute a big part to this remarkable artwork, by undertaking the foundry-technological implementation of the seven segments of the royal crown.

The main challenge for us here was casting a whole crown made of only one modelled quarter of the crown. We then put the four parts together, using a statically teste welding seam and later cut the crown, on requirement of the artist, into seven dissimilar pieces. Every piece was then hung up, using two steel cables apiece, and balanced, so that all seven pieces together look like a royal crown.

If interested, you can now watch the whole "Making Of" on the artists` youtube channel.


We`re hiring ...

We are constantly looking for new competent and motivated staff members, that fit into our young and dynamic Team.

At the moment we are looking for:

Industrial mechanic who is specialised to cutting technique

Production assistant for our foundry- and mechanical editing departments


If interested please address yourself to our Human Ressources Department.